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Robert Cottrell represented NYBOT for the $36 million construction and fit out of a state-of-the-art trading floor that supports over 1200 traders, staff and trade support personnel.  Included phased reconfiguration of active trading floor and active data center.  This was a highly publicized project with several phases of work and an extremely aggressive schedule requiring two shifts of trade work daily.

The NYBOT project team was nominated for the IFMA 2003 Facility Project of the Year Award and the project was featured in numerous trade publications.

The entire trading floor is protected by UPS and every electrical outlet in the building is supported by generator.

  • Nearly two years in the planning, evaluation, development, documentation, and execution

  • Extraordinarily short construction and equipment installation schedule

  • Design and construction of a new overhead monitor/display mounting system nicknamed Gabatron

  • Installation/construction of over 9,000 cables, 400 trading work stations, 900 overhead monitors, 500+ PC’s and hundreds of telephones

  • Included 50,000 SF of executive office space, a state-of-the-art-conference facility and data center


  ​NEW YORK BOARD OF TRADE - trading floor relocation