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  ​NEW YORK BOARD OF TRADE - Coffee Grading Lab

Facilities Management Partners represented NYBOT for the $2 million construction and fit out of a state-of-the-art coffee grading room.  

Before coffee can be certified as a futures commodity, it must be certified by the Exchange.  Certification requires passing a series of tests performed by Licensed Graders.  The grading is conducted at the NYBOT Grading Room, and includes roasting samples of the coffee beans and cupping the coffee.  

The Grading Room is built out with a bank of gas fired roasters; a uniquely designed exhaust and ventilation system and custom designed and built “cupping tables”.  These tables were commissioned by NYBOT.  They can provide point of use 200 degree hot water and have sinks the graders use like spittoons when performing the cupping test.  

This project was extremely complicated because of the 100 year old building that houses the NYBOT administrative offices.  The project also included construction and rehabilitation of administrative staff space.